About Us

Believers and Achievers

Heroes of Hope is an entirely non-profit group that developed from Sports Heroes Academy, founded by Hollie Murphy in 2013. Hollie, a PE teacher, had students of determination that she knew she could help grow and develop through a sports program. Year on year, more athletes (our Heroes), more coaches and more venues have come on board to enable us to be a strong community support group for people of determination aged 3-35+ today, across many sporting disciplines and ability levels.

In Autumn 2018 we ran the UAE’s first Inclusion Games, welcoming athletes of determination to compete from all seven Emirates. Some of our Heroes are even Olympians! We are developing partnerships across the city to strengthen and grow our community. We have been lucky enough to be supported by Sands Crossfit of Motor City, and Ultimate Athletics UAE.

Our heroes not only develop sporting skills, but also social and interpersonal skills, co-ordination skills crossing into both fine and gross motor skills. Our coaches are made up of primarily qualified teachers, who are equipped with the appropriate skills to support the continued development of our athletes. We also have a fabulous team of Junior Coaches, who are of school going age. They are trained and paired off with heroes, leading to a unique bond and support with their partner Hero. Altogether, from heroes to coaches and administrators there is approximately _____ people involved in our programs.

While we could continue sharing our journey with you here, we would much prefer to invite you in to get involved yourself, to experience the magic of working with our Heroes, or of being one of our Heroes. The best philosophies in life is that of the “Give to Get”. The rewards you will warrant from being a Venue, Coach or Supporter of Hope are those of an immeasurable kind. Check out our home page for more information. Remember our motto- believers are achievers!